This is less a fairy tale,

more a practical exercise in self improvement,

between two, who once knew, nothing of the other,

but fell into rapture, for what the other could provide.


Life is a heavily beating heart,

between the beats of which,

chance takes its course,

and we are dealt our hand.


So often, disappointment ensues;

sadness is inescapable, endeavour is meaningless.

For one strong, blood rich beat, it seems,

is always followed by despair, dread and anguish.


Relief! Release the tension in our spines, our souls;

we can find our opiate,

in the eyes of others,

who become, our most beloved.


One lucky heartbeat,

brought to the lap,

of those opportune,

an opportunity unexpectedly different to you.


A chance to be:

Loved, and with it, improved,

together to teach and learn, to become,

Gods in the others presence.


Love starts in your heart, first

to give to be received,

and not simply to stop

at a solitary ‘I Love You’.


But to carry on throughout all of your fleeting existence,

the giving over of your fragmented wholeness,

and theirs to you,

to ensure balance between you.


To ensure understanding, trust and happiness,

and then, to go out to the world,

and change it, by sharing with it,

what you have shared with each other.


(For Hannah and Richard’s wedding. Much Love to you both.)

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