Lying in bed one evening

I feel safe from everything except the end

She has warmth that protects me

From tangible physical agonies

Yet mysteries scare me still.


I stare closely at her eyes

In that moment proof of immortality

They transcend death easily.

Graceful they guide me through fear

Deep Brown

Fearless so that I can hide under their gaze

And know they shall not be compromised

By mortal paranoia

By society’s inertia

My Panic

Which subsides. Brown Morphine. 


I ask her to look to the ceiling

And I travel wistfully along the arteries which

Like streams of eternity

Separate and disappear into white

Pure and untainted white.

Red blood of her beauty streams

Shoots into the masterpieces that I

So grateful for their existence

Descend into peacefully.


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