Dundee, Winter 2014

Low undulating valley.

White dusting yellow grass,

dark skeletons of trees past.

Green evergreen green;

Dirty freezing pond,

angel glowing swans.

Frozen wool on running sheep;

Fields roll into fields.

Yet more green and yellow,

Sky pale blue;

Cold, comforting nostalgic blue.

Pink wisps of cloud,

Grey memories of snow storms.

Pale to dark

a shiny rock in space

early morning face;

Over all the moon watches.

Fields roll into fields

into sea,

grey, deep, freezing, deathly

chopping at the coast.

Hills at distances before unseen,

clear skies and morning sun,

invite eyes upon God’s majesty.

White white white.

Radiant low tree scattered hills;

roll into fields, roll into sea

roll into town and the city.

‘’Weak Bridge’’

Weak soul.

Broken, poor, stricken city

crumbling with neglect;

Upheld by strong spirits

united people.

Criminals meet in quiet corners

and plan war.

Shining sun casts cosmic glow

Over poor town and city, fields

And hills of snow and sheep and swans;

Cold water, betrayed by shadow sneaking

Sinners selling souls for silver.

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